This Technology Looks Amazing! Tell Me How It Works.

Clickable transcript control — click anywhere in the transcript to jump the video to the point where the person says the words you select.

With ClickableCaptions, you can simply scroll through the transcript of a video, click on any part you’re interested in, and presto, the video will instantly jump to that very point and start playing! Yes, it’s awesome!

And it gets even better!

You can click on the ‘Language’ tab to choose the language you’d like to read the transcript in. Also, you can simply click on the ‘Subtitles’ tab to watch the video with captions/subtitles which will instantly display on the video player or in a window directly beneath the video.

And, yes, if the video is on YouTube, you can still click the CC button to watch captions or subtitles (if they are available) if you’d like to.

And here’s the best part of all… What’s incredible about ClickableCaptions is that we can put captions/subtitles on video players such as Vimeo that wouldn’t otherwise support  captioning/subtitling.

At the moment, we offer English language only, but stay tuned because we’ll be offering translation and subtitling in a wide range of languages VERY, VERY soon!

ClickableCaptions will look awesome on my website!  Any other benefits?


Visitors to your site will be impressed with the technology, sure, but they’ll also save time, thanks to the instant search feature

Your videos will be accessible to millions around the world, including those who speak a different language to that spoken in the video and also those with a hearing loss

Your videos are more user friendly

Research suggests that 80% of online videos are watched with no sound (often in the workplace).   You can reach those people too with captions and transcripts!

You can host your video on your OWN website, YouTube, or another video hosting site such as Vimeo or

And here’s the BIGGIE!  It’s no secret that captions and transcripts on YouTube videos are already indexed by Google, making the content of the video searchable on Google.  DRUM ROLL!  ClickableCaptions, however, makes captions and transcripts on ANY video or audio recording indexable and searchable by ALL search engines!  This has powerful search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, driving more traffic to your video and website!

Yes, I Love It! How Do I Get It?

It’s really easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Download the ClickableCaptions plug-in and install it on your website. It’s really easy to do! We have both WordPress and PHP plug-ins available. Please check out our video tutorials to find out how to install and configure the plug-in on your website.
  2. Place an order for transcription and captioning of your video or audio media on from only $2 per minute of video. You can choose as many of our captioning formats as you like too. And the best part is that you get the ClickableCaptions capability FREE with every transcript and captioning job you order.

OR if you already have a transcript for your video, you can place an order by selecting the Transcript2Captions option in our list of services and we’ll convert your existing transcript into ClickableCaptions for just $0.50 per minute of video!

Got a question? You can post it here and we’d be delighted to assist!

Already got captions for your videos?

Coming SOON for a strictly limited time – if you have an online video that is already captioned, we will convert your captions into ClickableCaptions absolutely free of charge! Follow us on Twitter or Join Us on Facebook now to be first to find out when this service becomes available, as we will have a strict limit on the number of videos that can take advantage of this free offer.

Be First To Know What’s Next At The Captioning Studio!

We have more new technology coming soon, including the exciting new release of our Go-CART!(TM) live realtime captioning software. If you would like to be among the first to know when we make public the news of our latest technology, join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Share The News About ClickableCaptions!

We need your help! We’d love you to help us tell the world about our ClickableCaptions technology and service. We are passionate about helping people to share and communicate their message with the world, and that’s exactly why we’ve developed ClickableCaptions over the past 18 months. So please, share this information with others and let’s make online videos accessible around the world.

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