Narrative Essay Writing

How to write a Narrative essay?

What to include in narrative essay

Narrative essay is a kind of written task that presupposes sharing some real-life experience with the audience. It is true that all of us enjoy reading well-written stories, especially those that trigger our imagination. Nevertheless, when writing a narrative essay the author needs to put his/her individual experience in a broader context. It is important to not only narrate about your experience, but also demonstrate why it has some value and why you want to share it with the audience.

A few steps to writing narrative essays

  • Don’t skip the prewriting stage of the writing process. This stage should not be underestimated as it will help you achieve better results. During this phase, you need to think of some particular real-life experience in the context of the given topic. For example, you could write about how you have achieved some goal in life and how it influenced you. If some event has particular significance for the author, even a small and insignificant incident can become a good topic for the essay.
  • After you choose the topic, you need to make a draft of your narrative essay. When making the first draft, try to go in line with the outline but at the same time make the whole narration livelier with the help of the basic writing techniques. Try to engage the reader by describing the event in detail and narrating the story in the first person. Use vivid language to illustrate the event. Don’t just inform the reader about something, but rather use lively descriptions and emphasize the importance of your experience by expressing your attitude towards it.
  • Revise your essay. During this stage, you need to change and restructure your work with the purpose of making it professionally written and error-free. Don’t forget to check the word choice and try to make the story more descriptive by adding some effective details. Besides, try to draw a line between the event you describe and its actual meaning.
  • How to edit a narrative essay?

    At this stage of the writing process, you will need to correct the stylistic and grammar mistakes as well as check the text for clarity and enhance the overall style of narration. It is worth giving your paper to a friend or relative to read, as this will allow you to look at your work from a different perspective. The other person will be able to give you a piece of advice on what should be corrected or what should be added to your narration. More information on narative essay writing you can find on writing service.