We can provide captioning for TV, DVD and web video like Flash, QuickTime, Window Media and YouTube.

The ClickableCaptions plugin can be used to provide captions and subtitles with Flowplayer, plus support for video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove and

We offer two options for you to use our service:

  1. You provide us with the transcription – simply upload your media and the transcription (in the transcript format we specify) and we’ll send back the completed caption file/s.
  2. You upload your audio and we’ll provide the transcription and the captioning to you in 72 hours or less.

We can provide captioning in all these formats:


Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, SRT, Subrip, Timed Text, Real Media – add the captions/subtitles to your media via your video hosting platform or software.  Check out our video tutorials page for specific instructions and please do let us know via our help desk if there is another system we can help you with.

YouTube – upload captions/subtitles to your YouTube videos using SRT or SUB format OR you can use our plugin to insert captions and subtitles on an embedded YouTube video on your web page even if you cannot upload captions for that video (subject to appropriate  agreement with the copyright owner.

Vimeo – the Vimeo player does not support captioning/subtitling.   However, it’s really easy to use our plugin which places captions/subtitles just below the Vimeo video player on your web page. – upload the captions to the blip tv platform in SRT or Timed Text formats or place use our plugin to place captions/subtitles in a box below the video player.

Brightcove – upload captions to Brightcove and/or use our plugin to place captions/subtitles in a box below the video player.

Flowplayer – use Flowplayer to embed and host your own videos in your webpage.   Our subtitles will appear automatically over the video in the media player.

Need support for another media player or video hosting platform?  Please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.



Cheetah CC format, Teletext EBU captioning.


DVD Studio Pro, Spruce Maestro


Echo360 (contact us for details of our API for this service)